More leads equal more sales. Simple. LaunchLocal prides itself on lead generation and understanding where to generate leads in specific industries.

Where Do We Come In?

Generating leads goes a along way in the world of local business. If leads dry up then so does your businesses working capital. The trick is always to educate yourself and understand what it takes to create a consistent stream of leads, something we are able to do very well. Leads are something every business would love to have in steady supply yet most are unable to.

The greatest method to generate consistent leads is to leverage the search engines. However, we undestand the online world is so vast and that SEO is a long term game. We dig deep and understand the best place for your business to generate leads and assist you in the process. 

How We Do It?

We generate leads through the search engines and this allows us to work with a variety of businesses in different industries but all working towards one common goal, getting customers. By leveraging the search engines we can pinpoint keywords and target keywords with a high amount of traffic. Not only that, but if we analyse your website and competition and feel that a variety of other online marketing methods would also be effective, we will advise and implement. 

Get A Slice Of The Pie

Lead generation in Cardiff is extremely valuable and the value is only growing by the day. With a population of 360,000 and growing. With forecasts of 40% growth in the economy over the next 10 years, this city is the up and coming hub. The higher the population the more you are fighting against other competitors so the statement ‘the early bird catches the worm’ is very true for Cardiff and businesses within it. 

Ready to Launch?

Accolades & Features

We were selected as one of the 80 businesses out of 1000’s of contestants to be a part of Entrepreneurial Spark, a business accelerator program powered in Natwest.

One of our first posts got featured in TalkBusiness, firmly placing ourselves as an authority in the industry and getting some eyes on the knowledge and expertise known at LaunchLocal.

The Western Mail wanted to get an inside perspective on some of the challenges and obstacles that are faced daily as Entrepreneurs giving LaunchLocal a 1-page spread in November 2016.

One of our Directors got a special mention as one of Wales Online 35 Under 35 Business Men To look out for in Wales. We were absolutely thrilled to see that the hard work is recognised!