We help a number of businesses in a range of industries improve their SEO strategies. We focus on increasing organic search traffic and of course, your rankings. Why choose Us?

The strategies that we implement throughout an SEO campaign are in no way a stab in the dark. We have spent countless hours testing, streamlining and understanding how we can provide best strategies possible within your budget.

We’re all about knowledge at LaunchLocal. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the ever changing industry of search engine optimisation. So, when you have questions you can always be confident they will be answered correctly.

We live, eat and breathe SEO. When choosing the right SEO company for your business it’s important to feel confident you are in the right hands. We have a wealth of experience dealing with Local & National SEO clients so no matter what project you may have, let’s talk.

We don’t believe in using SEO jargon when speaking with any clients. We know that is the last thing that interests you, we are ROI and results focused so you will only ever get transparency throughout your time with us. We provide regular updates and monthly meetings to discuss what we have done and what your thoughts are.

We will never take on a client if we cannot help you. We believe in providing people with honest suggestions and recommendations rather than taking clients on for the sake of it.

As we work with a number of small to large businesses, no matter what budget you have in place for SEO we can comfortably deal it and will use it wisely to provide optimum results.

Through successful SEO strategies, the guys at Launch Local threw my business right into the thick of things and from day 1 generated our business leads.

From Start To Finish…

A broken down, simple way of understanding exactly what we do at LaunchLocal and what process we follow with every single client.

Research & Strategy

When we sit down and start to unravel what it is you’re looking to achieve with implementing our services, we’ll ask you a variety of questions to get as much understanding about your project as possible before going away and diving in to find out what we feel is going to be the best solution for your website.

On-Page (Technical)

It is important that before we embark on an SEO campaign with any website at it meets the technical requirements to achieve the best results possible:
1. Website Speed (How does it compare to the competition? Is it affecting your bounce rate?)
2. Hosting (Is your server UK based? Is it secure?)
3. Responsiveness (Is your website responsive across all devices?)
These we feel are the most important technical aspects for you to look out for (we look out for a few more, of course!) as there is no need to overcomplicate things and confuse yourself in the process!

On-Page Analysis 

*Without blowing our own trumpet, we’re extremely good at this.

The first stage of our analysis is to go through every on page SEO element of your website. This will consist of checking the following: 

1. Check Your Website Pages (Are they being utilised to the full effect in terms of targeting keywords?)
2. Page Titles (Are the correctly configured?)
3. Content (Is there any? Does it need some? Could it be more effective?)
4. Image Optimisation (Are your images correctly optimised?)
5. Review Your Blog Content (Is it quality? Is it effective and how much interaction does it get?)
6. On Page Conversion Strategy (Is your website built for conversions?)

Off Page Strategy

*Our off page strategy also consists of competitor analysis

This is the next part of our process which involves analyzing your backlink profile using a variety of specialist tools such as Majestic SEO, AHrefs, SEM Rush & Moz Pro. This will allow us to check the incoming links and anchor text ratios.

So analyzing your link profile will consist of the following:

1. Do you have a clean domain? (Any spam or unnatural link methods?)
2. Anchor text ratio (Is it over optimised?)
3. Use specialist tools to audit each target page’s links and analyze metrics. (We will look at your TF [trust flow], CF [citation flow], DA [domain authority], PA [page authority] and link history.)
4. How do you compare to competitors? (We delve into your competitor’s backlinks to assess the difficulty)
5. Then we start to build your backlink profile to help increase your rankings. We use a variety of link types such as:

Guest Posts, Contextual Links, Directory Links (Paid & Geo Relevant), Resource Links and so on…
Talk to us about our link building strategies.

Implement & Monitor

Now we have assessed the main factors needed, its time to implement what we feel needs to be done to both your on page and off page SEO to achieve the results you’re looking for. We will then provide you with access to a system to monitor the steps we take and when we take them. 

We break down what link types we’re going to use and will give you an explanation to the benefits of each and why we are going to use those links. 

Once you have come on board, we then report back to you every month with the following:

1. Keyword Ranking Report (Were are you positioned on Google?)
2. Analytics Acquisition Report (Were has your traffic come from?)
3. Website Traffic Report (How much traffic are you getting?)
4. Backlink Report (What links have we used & pointed to your site?)

Step By Step…

As we go through our entire strategy, we’re with you every step of the way. We take pride in giving our clients complete transparency with every campaign.

Ready To Launch?