The Tran Space

Project Overview

The Tran Space was an idea formulated on the back of a Transgender make-up company. The owner of The Tran Space knew that the Transgender market thoroughly enjoys using online platforms to meet, create events and discuss the LGBT community as a whole. We wanted to create a safe and friendly website that invited the community in to enjoy it together. The motto behind the idea is ‘To Create A Safe Space For The LGBT Community To Enjoy’, which is exactly what we have done.

Tools Used

As this is a pilot to initially test the demand for such a service, we created the website on WordPress using a social media related theme which allowed us to get a general feel for how we needed the website to look whilst still being user-friendly. Once we have a better understanding to how the community feels about the site, we are looking to create an app in the future. To get the look and feel we wanted it was necessary to edit the main code within the theme to add custom elements such as the navigation bar on mobile devices. Overall the following was used:

1. WordPress
2. AWS Hosting & Integration (Amazon Hosting Platform)
3. CSS & PHP Code Edits
4. Social Media Login Integration


Now the website has been completed users that want to use The Tran Space can use a variety of functions to get as much out of the site as possible. The functions included are:

1. Create an account & Profile 
2. Private Messaging 
3. Add Friends
4. Create Events / Groups 
5. Login Using Facebook 
6. Notifications 
7. Search For Other Users
8. News Feed

Below you will find some screenshots of the website when you are logged in as a user.

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