Project Overview

The Best Builders Cardiff was a lead generation project that was specifically designed and created for the purpose of generating construction leads in the Cardiff area. We wanted to showcase our lead generating abilities by creating a referral brand that works closely with local Cardiff businesses to provide them with quality construction leads.

Tools Used

We only needed to design a simple WordPress website with basic functionalities as this is mainly for people to browse through a gallery and to get in touch with the team. The following was used below to create the website and complete the SEO campaign.

1. WordPress
2. TSO Account Hosting 
3. Conversion Ready 
4. Google Adwords
5. Local SEO Strategy


Since the beginning in early 2016, this website has been a fantastic lead generation tool and boasts well over 400+ Construction leads in that timeframe. Some of the results achieved are as follows:

1. Page 1 Keyword Positions
2. Google Map Pack (Top 3 for Main Keywords)

3. Average of 25-35 Leads per month
4. Over £600,000 of construction work quoted for