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Project Overview

Principality Plastics Warehouse is an established plastic building supplies retailer with a fantastic e-commerce website that was designed by the brilliant team at PC1. They came to us to increase their organic search traffic and after a quick analysis, we saw a number of areas that could use improvement and we knew after implementing our processes that we would quickly see results. They already had the website and it was built in a great way for us to complete the SEO process, it was the on-page and off-page SEO that Principality was lacking.

Plan of Attack

So the first thing we needed to do is understand exactly what we wanted to attack first, we could see that most of the keywords they were ranking for that could use massive improvement was the Wall Panels & Cladding category, within this category they had a number of pages for bathroom, kitchen, ceiling and shower panels. Principality wanted us to prove our worth as they had previously been let down by a different company so we wanted to do the same. The plan of attack overall was the following:

1. Break Down Website Pages 
2. Complete On-Page Analysis
3. Implement Changes To Target Pages
4. Complete Off-Page Analysis
5. Analysis of Competition
6. Implementation of Link Building Strategy

Next Steps?

Once Principality are happy with the results achieved for this first category, we are going to focus our attention on the rest of the websites categories and target pages. We will use a similar strategy to the one above except on a larger scale.


We have been working with Principality Plastics since June 2017 and their website traffic and organic search revenue have increased hugely. The company proudly boasted that in November 2017, they had the best month of business they have ever had since opening 25 years ago.

Actual revenue figures will not be disclosed, however, the overall revenue generated for the business is exceeding the previous month by 44% on average due to the work completed by the LaunchLocal team.

Please take a look at the results we have delivered within that time frame:

Organic Search Users

June 1st 2017 – April 3rd 2018
54, 929

Previous period
22, 000

Growth In Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Revenue

June 1st 2017 – April 3rd 2018
£26, 205

Previous period
£16, 000

Growth In Organic Search Revenue

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