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Project Overview

PHS Teacrate is another division under the PHS Group PLC; they came to LaunchLocal with the intention of growing their organic search traffic, to increase rankings and to drive website enquiries. The division had been lacking in terms of online growth and lead generation so we carried out a variety of changes to their SEO strategy, both On & Off Page. Once implemented we very quickly started to achieve the growth they needed to start generating warm leads via their website.

Plan of Attack

Teacrate’s brand search was also lacking, so we wanted to ensure when customers typed in ‘Teacrate’ or PHS Teacrate’ that the Teacrate website specifically appeared on the search engine results page. We carried out the following on the Teacrate website:

1. Complete On-Page Analysis
2. Implement Changes To Target Pages (cardboard boxes, etc)
3. Complete Off-Page Analysis
4. Analysis of Competition
5. Implementation of Link Building Strategy
– want to know more? Read our strategy overview


We have been working with PHS Teacrate since July 2017, their website traffic had almost a 100% growth compared to the previous period of the year; the division has also experienced much higher lead volumes which has resulted in steady sales growth via the TeaCrate website.

Please take a look at the results we have delivered for them within that time frame:

Organic Search Users

July 1st 2017 – Jan 16th 2018

Previous 6 months

Growth In Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Conversions
(contact form submissions)

July 1st 2017 – Jan 16th 2018

Previous 6 months

Growth In Organic Search Conversions

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