You can be the world’s best personal trainer but if no one knows who you are, how are you ever going to get ahead?

Here are the top 5 things that personal trainers, like yourself, can do to get ahead in 2017.

1. Brand Story-Telling

As a personal trainer, the client buys into you. You want to showcase as much as yourself as possible.

Whether it be face to face contact, body language when engaging with clients, enthusiasm, vocalization, past performance and results, advertising or marketing.

There are so many platforms and clever things you can do to deliver your brand in 2017.

Social media is just one way that you can create a personalized brand and effective marketing strategy. You want your clients to be engaging with you daily. You want to showcase your results and deliver your personality through channels that have the ability to reach thousands of people – not just those you come in contact with at the gym. This is one of the most important but basic of strategies.

2. SEO

How much do you know about SEO? SEO or search engine optimisation is the process in which a website is optimised to rank higher in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  It is essentially the difference between your clients noticing you or not.

If you want your services to be found online then you need to be using SEO. For example, your website may be the best-looking website in the world but if no one can find it amongst the trillions of other websites relating to personal trainers then it’s not doing you any use.

SEO enables people not only to find your website but to generate more traffic and rank highly in Google. SEO is simply good business practice.


3. Location

How you use your surroundings is vital to getting ahead in 2017. Does your gym really reflect the brand you want to put forward?

Are your clients getting everything out of their sessions in your current location? If you train your clients at a nationwide, recognised gym you want to use that to your advantage: like showcasing over social media.

You want to entice your clients to train with you. Your gym or surroundings need to reflect your enthusiasm to gain new clients. If you work in a run-down gym with bad equipment – you’re never going to build the client base you want because clients want an exceptional service!

Make the changes that you would want to see as a client, not as a personal trainer.

4. Brand Positioning

How have you positioned your brand in the current market? Building a brand like we’ve said, is essential to set yourself apart. You want to stand out or show off a unique feature that is going to make clients buy into you and take up your services.

In order for that to be effective, you need to know where you have physically positioned yourself within the market. Expensive hourly rates may show premium quality or reduced hourly rates may indicate value for money.  Alternative training techniques could have a unique marketing angle which generates more clients or word-of-mouth and building friendly relationships may build a huge consistent client base.

If you haven’t decided where it is you fit in amongst the selection above then now is the time to start thinking about it. Think about what is unique about you, why people would want to choose you as a personal trainer and what you can offer your client.

Showcase it on social media platforms, your website, emails, messages and physical advertising such as leaflets and posters!

5. Credibility

Would you choose a personal trainer that no one recommends? Neither would we. Credibility is one of the most important things to showcase in 2017. Personal training is one of the biggest industries because people pay to have that safe, positive relationship with someone that can help them achieve better in their life. You need to ensure that you are credible and that you can be shown to be doing that.

How are you going to build credibility?

One of the best ways to build that credibility and generate new client interest is through client testimonials. These showcase your brilliant services from real people. Testimonials need to be a big part of your website as well as plastered all over social media platforms. Pictures, before and after along with client testimonials raise your credibility. Word of mouth is a great way to build your brand and generate new clients. The better your services and results the more people will recommend you – it’s that simple.