Local Citation Building

Local Citations are a tool used for your business that in most cases you have never of heard of. The funny thing is you would have come across citation companies on a day to day basis without realising it. Citations are simply defined as ‘The details of a business filled out consistently across differing directory sources’.


All sources are ethical sources, checked by our team manually to promote quality assurance.

Listed on Credible Sources

Local citation building is a time consuming task that requires a business to manually enter their business information across different directory sources. Here at LaunchLocal we do just that but we publish your businesses details to a number of high quality sites that have exceptional content and are of a high quality. In Googles eyes this proves to them that you truly are a local business that deserves to be listed locally within the industry you are operating within. This improves the quality of your site and how relevant it is in your local area, the more relevant you are the higher you will crawl up the search engine results pages.

Citations are a simple concept; you increase the amount of times your business details are seen across the internet (Address, Phone & Name) relating to your business and with that the main search engines will see you as a credible, authoritative and reliable source, thus choosing your business to be placed on Page One.

Let's Map Your Biz!

For some markets, industries or sectors being on Google Maps can act as a supercharge to your business. Having prominence on Google Maps can be a goldmine with a Click To Call action on Mobiles it can act as a direct lead generation tool. By building out local citation sources we increase your local influence which in turn may boost your site and get you placed in the map pack.  Some of our clients have the privilege of being on top of the maps pack and they enjoy a great stream of work.

Dedicated Teams

We have dedicated teams in place to complete local citation building that has helped the clients that we have worked with, not only increase traffic to their business, but has actually resulted in more leads which in turn created more sales. This step is extremely important to local businesses and it is one that is overlooked to a certain extent due to the time periods that it may take. We want our clients to know that this is a process we are familiar with and are exceptional at completing.