SEO keyword Research

LaunchLocal understand that when completing SEO strategies and campaigns, it is vital that the due diligence is completed and the correct keyword choices are made to allow your business to utilize the amount of potential prospects that are searching for your services, using the major search engines via mobile and desktop.

Keyword Research is safe with us.

Keyword research is essential to every SEO campaign, having a clear understanding of what keywords are going to be targeted helps us as your strategists chase the keywords with the highest amount of searches within your local area.

We will make sure that before beginning any SEO campaign, in any market, in any location we will carry out professional and effective keyword research will be explained and shown to you, which gives you full control and understanding so your expectations are completely managed.

Keyword research is vital and here at LaunchLocal we never overlook the importance of this type of due diligence. If there is one thing local businesses neglect, is the amount of keyword variations available for the choosing that can bring third phase customers, the ones ready to buy! Why miss out on that level of buyer intention. We do all of that, and more.

Data is Your Friend

Having the data to see search terms and search amounts is important in the world of SEO, which is why we look at various different sources to try and get the most informed decisions on what keywords to use within every marketing campaign we complete.

Keyword data is an efficient way to determine the demand of a market, how ready the buyers are and the overall buoyancy of the market. In some cases research on keywords can sometimes determine that another avenue of digital marketing may be more sufficient, such as Facebook laser targeted driven advertising.

Open Your Eyes

Keyword rich data can open your eyes to the possibilities of other markets. In some cases the data we obtain can really help a business owner visualise growth, then they ask us to help them rank in other cities and before you know it, our data has given them the confidence to enter new cities through local SEO and they are running a national company. Gone are the days of barriers to entry, we can help you dominate.