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Here at LaunchLocal, SEO is the main thing that allows us to generate the amount of leads that we do for the local businesses that are within the locations that we target. We have dedicated experts in place that will complete entire Cardiff SEO campaigns, using these methods this has allowed us to generate leads for a number of different business around the world.

The Cardiff SEO Scene is an industry that we not only are extremely passionate about, but have some of the best understanding on how to utilise these techniques correctly to effectively generate traffic, and to increase search engine rankings.  Which in turn will generate more leads for your business, which is our ultimate goal.

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Search engine optimization is something that takes time and effort to perfect, our teams of experts have been trained to a standard that allows us to guarantee our success and results. Using our Cardiff SEO company to help your business allows you to take control of your online marketing and the potential prospects that are searching for your business every day. Business owners in this day in age and these markets, are now understanding the amount of prospects that are now using major search engines to find products and to use services, within the local area.

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The reason why business owners in Cardiff need to start utilizing SEO to its full potential is because of the amount of potential prospects they are missing out on every day, we feel that local business owners truly should want to excel within their market and we are the people that want to make that happen, not only do we want to, but using our Cardiff SEO strategies, we do make that happen.

Since Our Launch

Since our own launch, we have successfully helped a number of small and large businesses using our SEO strategies get to page 1 of Google and have generated leads for clients from all over the world, Australia, United States and of course, right here within the United Kingdom. Every business owner that we have worked with has not only be surprised, but delighted with the results we have been able to deliver for them and their business.



Our team of search engine optimization strategists always recommend to business owners on a local level to write not good content for their website, but exceptional content. When you take the time to write exceptional content for your website this will help your site hugely and within the world of SEO, exceptional content is a must. The way we see it, as a business owner, you clearly love your business and are willing to make it work and writing effective website content is vital.

So, if you now are thinking… “I should really go and get writing for my site.”

Stop thinking and go and act! If you are a business owner that perhaps finds it difficult to write exceptional content for your website, contact us and we will do it for you! Our professional writers excel with every piece of content they write, for every business owner we work with.


As simple as we can make it for beginners to understand having a logical layout to your website does help Google read your website. If you pages are jumbled around everywhere, not titled properly and nothing linked to the navigation bar it doesn’t look good when Google reads your site. If they can’t read it then how are your potential customers going to read you site!


Some say to be unique is to be special…and in Googles eyes that is just the case. No-one in life likes a copycat, taking the credit for someone else’s hard work, well guess again, Google does not like that either. Always ensure to write unique content and do not be tempted to copy. This even includes images! Just DON’T DO IT. Paying for images is a short term cost for a long term gain. Check out sites such as StockUnlimited.


Our Cardiff SEO Service includes citations. Now for local keywords citations are a valuable tool to let the search engines know about your business. Citations are also knows as directory sources. For our full explanation on citations please click here to visit our page. Citations tell the search engines where you are based, this includes your name, number and address. This can help you show up on the map results!

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