Pricing is one of those things that business owners need to know from the outset. That is why we have provided a simple tool for you to determine what budget you will need to get on top of your competition, manage your expectations and work out what return you would expect.
From £250/month up to £1000/month
From £800/month up to £3000/month
Starting From £3000/month

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Local Search Engine Marketing

1 Location with a range of keywords that will promote your business. Touch to reveal the price.

Pricing from From £250/month up to £1000/month

Minimum 12 month contract

Dominant Local Search Engine Marketing

2-5 Locations with a range of keywords that will promote your business in those locations.

From £800/month up to £3000/month

Minimum 6 month contract

National Search Engine Marketing

A large range of Locations with a range of keywords that will promote your business in those locations.

From £3000/month

Minimum 6 month contract

What Does The LaunchLocal Package Include?
  • SEM Friendly Website Design

    SEM friendly web design is the first part of making sure your website is ready to carry your brand across Google and other search engines. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing is great at getting customers to interact with your business, but on a technical level it still needs to satisfy the search engines. We make sure your website not just looks great and converts into leads but that it also satisfies the major search engines completely, allowing your brand to dominate online as you further carry on the SEM process.

  • SEO Optimised Content

    The most simplest way to explain SEO optimised content is using two words quality and unique. At LaunchLocal we feel the next step after great web design is the focus on unique content that provides quality information to the end user. The information on your website should be relevant to your industry and should inform the customer not just sell, that is what we focus on at LaunchLocal. Our content is designed to inform the customer and make them feel in control of their purchase but at the same time provide a very solid foundation for your keyword targeting strategy which also extends off your website in the form of blogs, articles and other types of information mediums posted around the web. The goal is to become an authority in your niche, this is a tremendous feat in your SEO efforts but lets the search engines and customers know what you are about!

  • Social Media Management

    Social media has become integral to the whole online process. We manage your Facebook and Google + profiles. These two profiles together can give you a great boost online but they need to be tended to consistently, something we love to do. We post regularly to both platforms and see great results. We also sign your brand up to relevant other social networks and relevant industry related directories. This is not as powerful as baclinking but helps to bolster authority for your brand.

  • SEO Optimised Baclinking

    The word backlink sends shivers down some peoples spines, the thought provokes reactions such as “that goes over my head” or “that sounds confusing” but the concept of backlinking is far simpler than meets the eye and it is a vitally important process that requires consistent work. It was a known method that 7-10 years ago you could buy a ton of links and rank quickly but those days are far long gone. Google and the other search engines have become much more intelligent, and rightly so. Quality is everything. A link is a vote in the eyes of the search engines, a thumbs up of trust in your brand and a brand needs to build these to have a better chance online. But let’s say in real life that the thumbs up came from a convicted white collar fraudster, is that trustworthy? The same applies online, who you link to is much more important that how many you link with.

  • Keyword & Performance Tracking

    What good is having all these customers coming through to your business in droves from your successful partnership with LaunchLocal when you can’t understand where it is all coming from. Well, luckily this will never be an issue. We are data nerds at LaunchLocal and that has meant we track all the important stuff, it really allows you as a business to understand your customer base more clearly. Keyword, traffic & backlink reports are available to all customers on a monthly package every 30 days.

  • Constant Support

    Of course, you get our constant support and expertise. With over 1000 keywords ranking in our portfolio across various industries and locations all across the UK we are confident that we can help the right businesses benefit from Search Engine Marketing. We will recommend keywords to target based on viable research to keep you constantly growing throughout your time with us, we will troubleshoot any queries you have, we can help you design new websites and keep an eye on your competitors. Our support is second to none, personal and we absolutely care about the success of your business.



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