Facebook Advert Management

Here at LaunchLocal we manage some businesses Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook has become a good medium to generate exposure and interest to your business. More and more people are using Facebook on a daily basis. We manage your Facebook campaigns for a low monthly fee, with that you get expert guidance on targeting options and the best ways to increase your Return on Investment.

Facebook Advert Types

Depending on your offer Facebook can generate you a healthy return on investment. Thanks to the way that their advertising engine works the more engagement you attract to your offer the cheaper the cost per engagement becomes, thus a great campaign can cost you a small outlay albeit a large return.

For most of our clients we recommend Facebook adverts to boost the engagement through to their website. This not only increases your exposure to specific targeted groups of people, again thanks to their advertising engine, but it also increases the footfall to your website which in turn increases the authority of your website in the eyes of the search engines, which in theory should be advantageous in increasing your organic search engine rankings.

Types of Facebook Adverts

  • Post Adverts
  • Video Post Adverts
  • Discount Offer Adverts
  • Lead Generation Adverts
  • Domain Adverts
  • Dynamic Adverts
  • Re-Targeted Adverts
  • & Many More, Read Our blog for the Full list of Facebook Adverts